Midsummer party at Tättö Havsbad - Start at. 9

Tättö Camping invites you to a party at Midsummer's evening (Friday, June 19) starting at. 09.00 - adults and children picking flowers

Flea market on Tättö Camping

Come and visit our nice flea market 11 and 25 July
Location: Tättö Havsbad - Time at. 11:00 - 14:00

Leoo Fish - All fridays in July Hans selling fish

Every Friday fr. July 1, Leoo Fisk will be on Tättö Havsbad.

Here is the opportunity to buy fresh, very good fish. Hans will be in place and help you, so come and shop ...

Fr. July 1st all Fridays.
Fr. at: 12:00 - 14:00

Now we will soon open the gates for the camping year 2019 | Tättö Camping Havsbad

Now spring and summer are soon here. It goes fast now… Make sure to secure your favorite place with us at Tättö Caming.

On exploration in the blueberry forest - Tättö Camping | Sea bath and hostel

At Tättö Camping you will find most and the best. Around Tättö Camping there are lots of nice forests and walking paths where you can go exploring with the little ones. It can be mushroom picking, picking blueberries or just strolling around in our beautiful nature.

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